Win Team Logistics Ltd

We are a rapidly growing freight forwarding company offering complex services in TSL sector (transport, freight forwarding, logistics) for the domestic and international market. We provide the highest quality of handling general, bulk, containerized and oversized cargo in import and export. Extensive network of agents enables us to offer you "door-to-door" service all over the world.

International freight transportation with Win Team Logistics- fast, convenient, reliable.

Modern international freight transportation - is a complex process that requires:

  • well-defined organization
  • strict control
  • responsible approach
  • knowledge of legal and logistic details

Only when all these conditions are operative - safe freight delivery to any place of the world can be guaranteed.

Mission and goals

Our primary goal of daily activities is to satisfy our customers, anticipate their expectations and response to their needs immediately. In the whole process of the supply chain we guarantee cost optimization based on the continuous market monitoring and a reliable and professional service. In order to meet customer requirements we follow orders at every stage of implementation personally, showing the same commitment regardless of the size of the project. Working with us, customer gains time, money and a reliable business partner.

Looking forward to doing business with you! WIN to WIN !